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Olive Oil Season

Product Description

“Olive Oil Season” is our first-harvest from Morocco, Meknes based on the mono-variety Pichuline Maroccaine (wild) with a very well balanced profile. The intensive fruitiness is topped by its bitterness from the healthy polyphenols. The olive oil is organic and voluntarily tested against mineral- and plastic contamination, so a very




Quality Organic Awards





About Olive Oil Season.Ltd:

We have been producing one of the best olive oils in Morocco for many years, which regularly wins national and international awards. For our premium olive oil, we choose the earliest possible harvest time in order to only pick green olives. Because they contain most of the polyphenols – and make “Olive Oil Season” so healthy and tasty.

Even the best olives can be damaged by mechanical harvesting, which is why we allow ourselves the luxury of only picking them gently by hand. That costs time and money, but is essential for the exceptional quality that we guarantee.

  • Eco-certified according to EU standards
  • Mostly green olives full of bitter substances
  • Picked by hand only
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