Frantoio Romano ( Tenuta Romano S.R.L. Por Facturación)

Ortice Bio

Product Description 

Perfume: Fruity and intense net oil, full and fruity, with hints of medium ripe tomato, mela bianca e banana, enriched by notes of basil and mint. Flavor: Elegant and decided in the mouth, with vegetal flavor of beans, chicory and lettuce. Bitterness is distinct spicy and well expressed. Use: It goes very well with salads of tomatoes, Marinated salmon, stained the carciofo, verdure gratinate, bean purées, risotto with clams, crostacei in humid, rombo arrosto, baked rabbit, grilled poultry, fresh cheese with spun dough.




Quality Organic Awards





About Frantoio Romano ( Tenuta Romano S.R.L. Por Facturación):

The Filippi family lives in this uncontaminated territory for more than four generations: simple men and women, linked to the work of the earth. Precisely from it we get the products with which we want to transmit the passion for a tiring job made of expectations, cures, joys and hopes.
It is not well known when ali this began; my great-grandfather Giacomo and his wife Antonia devoted themselves to olive growing and viticulture after having inherited
a large plot of land. In difficult historical times such as those in which they found themselves, learning to live with the laws of nature, respecting it and taking care to collect the fruits, had become the only way to raise the family’s economy.
Their three children, Francesco, Mariano and Linda, live and grow in this context, they breathe and feel that relationship with the nature cultivated by their parents, a love that drives them to carry out their project.

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