Francesco Cillo - Evo Oil

Otello – Intense Fruity 500ml (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Product Description

Open your heart and your senses, and immerse yourself in the intense flavours of the Italian nature. Otello is the new intense fruity identity of Francesco Cillo prestigious EVO oils. It owes its name to the famous opera that he loved so much. Otello extra virgin olive oil boasts an intense fruity flavour thanks to its ripened olives, which are harvested roughly in mid-October.


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About Francesco Cillo – Evo Oil:

Francesco Cillo represents the image of an uncontaminated territory in perfect balance thanks to the natural richness of every form of life present.
For the company, safeguarding agrobiodiversity is the key to the present and future sustainability, the indispensable tool for maintaining a deeply rooted culture.

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