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PhenOLIV Organic

Product Description

Our 100% Natural, High Phenolic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the trees in our Estate, in the mountainous Arkadia Region of Greece. Polyphenols are micronutrients found in plants, with remarkable properties and benefits for the human body. PhenOLIV Organic contains very high levels of Oleocanthal, Oleacein, Ligstroside Aglycon & Squalene. With a Total Polyphenol content over 2500 mg/kg and over 8000 mg/100gr of Squalene PhenOLIV Organic 2019 contains one of the highest levels of Polyphenols and Squalene worldwide.




High Polyphenols Awards



About The Greek Olive Estate:

The Estate is situated in the historical region of Arkadia, on the slopes of the mountainous valleys of the Alfeios River. For over 300 years, wild olive trees have grown in harmony alongside beneficial herbs and aromatic plants, harvested in a timeless ritual and tended with meticulous care by our ancestors. A primary source of energy, income, and food, these wild olive trees earned profound respect, a true living legacy.

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