Me Agapi Ltd Dba Pillar Grove Estate

Pillar Grove Estate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest, Daphnis And Chloe Selection

Product Description

The early harvest of green olives gives the Extra Virgin Olive Oil a fruity, bitter, buttery, grassy and peppery flavour. Early Harvest olive oil has higher chlorophyll content and is richer in healthy polyphenols. It also has a higher concentration of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant oleocanthal.




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About Me Agapi Ltd Dba Pillar Grove Estate:

Me Agapi (Greek: With Love) is a Canadian company based in Alberta, CanadaWe own and operate Pillar Grove Estate which is situated in Northern Greece in the region of Halkidiki on the picturesque shores of the Aegean Sea. We are proud to carry on the tradition which has been passed on to us by many generations of our family.

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