PJ Kabos

Pj Kabos “Chef’S Selection Organic” – Delicate/Medium

Product Description

Chef’s Selection Organic. This is an all-purpose, everyday, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a delicate/medium taste intensity. Aromas of cut grass, tomato leaf and notes of fresh thyme. Taste exhibits delicate to medium bitterness and pungency with notes of lemon, radish and cinnamon. Olive variety: Organic Koroneiki. Acidity: <0.30% – Phenols: 300-350 mg/kg (HPLC method of testing)




Quality Organic Awards





About Pj Kabos:

A small family label, our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are high-phenolic, pure and consciously crafted.
We have a sustainable approach and believe the products we choose to nourish us should be infused with the goodness of the sun-ripened earth and the rejuvenating properties of the wind-blown sky. And that living consciously should be a part of every single aspect of our daily existence.

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