PJ Kabos

Pj Kabos Family Reserve Organic

Product Description

Family Reserve Organic. Recommended to be used as a finishing oil where one can really appreciate its high fruitiness, complex and medium/robust taste intensity. Aromas of cut grass, tomato leaf and notes of fresh oregano and spearmint. Taste exhibits medium/robust bitterness and pungency with notes of arugula, green pepper and lemon. A high persistence and complexity. Acidity: <0.25% – Phenols: 720 mg/kg (HPLC method of testing)




High Polyphenols Awards



About Pj Kabos:

A small family label, our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are high-phenolic, pure and consciously crafted.
We have a sustainable approach and believe the products we choose to nourish us should be infused with the goodness of the sun-ripened earth and the rejuvenating properties of the wind-blown sky. And that living consciously should be a part of every single aspect of our daily existence.

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