Greenolia-Skiathiti Kerasia

Greenolia Premium

Product Description

An extra virgin olive oil of singularly low acidity (<0.4), with exceptional physicochemical characteristics. A new taste experience, full of aromas and flavours.

Αn exquisite blend, created after many tastings and combinations by the varieties Manaki and Koroneiki, in cooperation with selected local producers from Kranidi (Argolis, Peloponnese).
Due to its sweetness and rich flavour, Manaki is rightfully considered one of the best Greek olive oil varieties. Fresh, fruity and slightly pungent, the Koroneiki variety harmoniously complements the end product.




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About Greenolia-Skiathiti Kerasia:

Driving force behind Greenolia is our love for the Greek nature. This is our starting point, our focus and our pride. We respect and serve it. We cultivate our own olive groves. We also work together with recognized certified growers, millers and standardizers who share our high quality standards. Tasty and healthy eating is our passion. This is why we want to offer the consumer an honest product that he can trust and will be able to incorporate into his everyday life, enjoying its unique quality and special value.

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