Can Ginesta, S.L.

Rifer Montseny

Product Description

Medium-high fruit profile, preferably green type, but also with some ripe touches (banana). Spicy taste stands out (without being aggressive), the sweetness is well noticed and not too bitter. The set is powerful but balanced, with a perceptible astringency, which does not interfere with the profile. Vegetable secondary aromas, with a predominance of olive leaf, herbs and vegetable aromas (artichoke, tomato) but also with softer touches of almond and walnut. The set is aromatic, balanced and with good complexity.




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About Can Ginesta, S.L.:

The Rifer farm is located on the slopes of Montseny, around the Nicolau del Roure farmhouse, occupying what used to be farmland for vines, wheat, and barley. The olive grove grows on a calcareous soil with a good content of organic matter in dry land, which increases the polyphenols of the oil (antioxidant power) but with good rainfall rates.

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