Explotacion La Nava Y El Jardal S.L

Roman Prada Manzanilla

Product Description

Román Prada Manzanilla Oil is an EVOO where green and slightly ripe nuances are merged in a balanced way. With an intense fruitiness, it is characterized by the presence of fruits such as apples and bananas. Descriptors of almonds and nuts are perceived along with freshly cut grass green, which makes it an extremely complex oil. On the palate, it is a slightly spicy and medium bitter oil. In retro-olfaction, the nuances of green, fruit and nuts stand out again.



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About Explotacion La Nava Y El Jardal S.L:

Román Prada is the EVOO’s brand that we produce from Explotación La Nava y El Jardal S.L. Our company owns 2 farms (37° 05´ 19” N, 5° 33´ 18” W), totaling more than 200 ha of olive grove, including 8 varieties of olives. In our farms, the cultivation of olive groves has been present for several centuries now. Its centenary olive grove, with more than 400 years, has recently been proposed as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage List.

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