Sabriden Gida

Sabriden 1001 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Description

We call it Liquid Gold to describe the value of our olive oils, but to us it’s even more valuable than gold. Because it is more valuable for us than anything else to offer you our olive oil, which we produce from our trees, which we take care of like our children for 12 months of the year, and the olives we collect with care and effort, with great devotion.




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About Sabriden Gida:

We have been producing olive oil from grandfather to grandchild for generations in Manisa, Akhisar, on the land where the country has the most olive trees (more than 17 million). We are two partners; Sabri Kent and Andaç Ayrkaya, we grew up in the natural beauties of the Aegean. Even though we had to leave these places in certain periods of our lives, wherever we went, our feet and essence were always here. How can we get away from here?

The centuries-old olive trees, under whose shade we played in our childhood, still live here in all their glory.

In our olive groves, where we went on the shoulders of our grandparents since we were little, we would sometimes find ourselves taking care of the trees and sometimes harvesting them. We were kneaded in our olive groves with the experiences of our elders. For this reason, we integrated the name Sabri, inherited from our grandfathers, with our brand. Just like them, we have adopted that the work we do can be achieved with trust, dedication and heartfelt work. We wanted the name of our brand to remind us of our responsibilities in a way that would not allow us to leave these trees and these olives for a moment.

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