Domenico Manca S.P.A.

San Giuliano Fruttato

Product Description

Cuor d’Olivo Fruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a long tradition of oil production aimed at satisfying the most demanding palates. Processed at room temperature, naturally decantated and very lightly filtered combined with significant knowhow, has placed the Fruttato among the best oils in Italy and the world, repeatedly awarded at national and international level.




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About Domenico Manca S.P.A.:

It all began here, in an old oil mill in the heart of the city of Alghero, Sardinia. It was 1916 when the Manca Family, one of the oldest olive oil producers in Italy, started its milling activity. In 1975, after years of hard work and profound passion, the San Giuliano brand was created and still sees us committed with the same determination today.

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