Papadellis Charalampos & Sia OE

Sapfo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml




High Polyphenols Awards



About Papadellis Charalampos & Sia Oe:

The reputation of high quality olive oil is linked with the Papadellis family for a period of more than four decades.

As far back as the 1970’s, the grandfather of the family named Charalambos Plomaritis, gained valuable experience by trading olive oil.

In 1981, he bought the first olive mill of the family, acquiring even greater experience and passed his knowledge to the younger members of the family.

In 2008, his grandson Babis Papadellis passes to the next level and began trading olive oil to other Greek cities and exporting it abroad.

It is the first olive oil company in Lesvos and one of the first in the whole Greek continent, that applies a system of waste measurement for its basic products, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

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