Beneoliva Sociedad Cooperativa Valenciana Limitada

Senorio De Jaime Rosell 1Er Día De Cosecha

The Supreme Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Señorío de Jaime Rosell – CAPRI MAXIMUM is the result of the commitment of the Sala – López family to introduce into the market a product of the highest quality based on the Arbequina variety.

From the heart of the Vega Baja del Segura, in Benejuzar, our oils are produced combining old traditions with the most advanced technologies, taking advantage of the best of each one. Only in this way can we extract the essence of the land in the farms of “Pinohermoso”, “Lo Rubes” and the emblematic “La Zarzuela”.

No mechanical equipment is used for harvesting, the olives are harvested manually and immediately transported to our mill where our precious oil is extracted at low temperatures and stored in cold rooms and tanks with an inert atmosphere until bottled.




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About Beneoliva Sociedad Cooperativa Valenciana Limitada:

In the town of Benejúzar, province of Alicante, in the heart of the Vega Baja of the Segura river on our farms in Lo Rubes, La Zarzuela and Pinohermoso, just 20 km away. from the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by orange and lemon trees, we cultivate our olive trees with special care and our oil mill is located where we produce our Extra virgin olive oil.

The early collection, according to each year, allows you to enjoy our oil in all its splendor. Our team of engineers review the fruit’s ripening day by day and decide the optimal time to harvest so that the precious liquid gold retains the most possible organoleptic qualities.

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