Sophias Oil ( Olivenol Manufaktur )

Sophias Oil Olivenol

Sophias Oil Olympia tastes tart, slightly bitter, hot and fruity and leaves a peppery and piquant taste on the tongue. It owes its bitterness and spiciness and, at the same time, fruitiness to its richness in phenols.

This makes it ideal for any kitchen. It offers you and your family the benefits of a very high quality product that contains one of the highest concentrations of beneficial nutrients, which is what makes the so-called Mediterranean diet so healthy.

This oil is obtained from the local olive variety “Choraitiki”, which is harvested in the Olympia and Neochorion Gortynias regions on the Pigadi and Goritsa olive groves on the Peloponnese peninsula and ultimately gives the oil its unique bitter and fruity taste.




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About Sophias Oil Olivenöl:

Extra virgin olive oil from Greece. Cold-pressed & from a small family business. Sophias Oil is the liquid gold of our small, traditional family company with plantations in Greece, the regions of Olympia and Laconia on the Peloponnese peninsula.  Our oil is a first class olive oil. It is obtained directly from olives, using exclusively mechanical processes.
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