Sparta Gourmet

Sparta Gourmet

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Our Spartan olive groves give birth to an authentic, traditional extra virgin olive oil, which embodies the wealth of nature with every taste. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical methods, Sparta Gourmet, offers a rich flavor, a lively finish, and a velvety texture. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a vital part of the “Mediterranean Diet.” Containing various beneficial antioxidants and monosaturated fats, it is recommended for healthful daily consumption.




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About Sparta Gourmet Sa:

Our great-grandparents began cultivating olive trees and producing olive oil. As this tradition passed from one generation to the next, we learned to love our blessed trees and understand their mystery. Our respect for more than 100 years of tradition has armed us with unsurpassed expertise in producing our olive oil.
Our strongest allies have been Greece’s bright sun and the fertile land of Sparta, on the Peloponnese. Every year, we have grown bigger. Today our children continue the story, exporting exquisite Greek products across the world.

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