Vodice D.O.O.

Sv. Ivan Oblica Special Edition

Product Description

Packaging emerged from the idea to produce an original valuable gift bottle, which would as a souvenir represent the brend sv. Ivan. It consists of an oval, roller-like bottle of o,25 l, and a stand that serves as a saucer at the same time. Shape is symbolically reduced to a geometric circle, or a letter ”o” (lat. Oleum – oil), while the further design inspiration an ancient stone mill oil press.


Three Stars


Evoo Stars Design & Packaging



About Vodice D.O.O.:

Sv. Ivan Oblica
A native dalmatian variety, harvested early, enriched with aromas of fresh cut green grass. It’s taste reminds of ripe tomato. Medium intensity oil with mild bitterness and a gentle tone of pundency.

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