Telia Olive Oil

Telia Olive Oil

Product Description

The artisanal extra virgin olive oil T elia – The Olive Oil, has an exquisite full body, with intense green fruity action. Its aroma combines notes of freshly chopped olives, fresh grass and a touch of artichoke. Its taste has a light spicy and elegant bitterness in complete harmony, leaving you at the end with a soft peppery but also an exceptional balanced aftertaste.



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About Telia Olive Oil:

We produce an artisanal extra virgin olive oil, of superior class with excellent, soft and exquisite taste, but in limited production, from our olive groves in Southeastern Peloponnese, Greece. In order to achieve the best outcome, we take care of our product with special attention at all stages of its production, making its aroma and exquisite taste worth your patience in each new olive growing season.

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