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Product Description

TreFórt is the Grand Cru and true Excellence of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production.

TreFórt is the result of our “Farm’s ongoing project” initiated in 2001 by Paolo Bonomelli in collaboration with specialized agronomists, to restore and valorize two valuable cultivars: Trep and Fort.

TreFórt is produced from a selection of the finest extra virgin olive oils lots of our olive varieties that have obtained the best results in analyses carried out by accredited laboratories and certified tasting panels at the end of each olive oil campaign.




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About Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm:


Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm is located in Torri del Benaco, on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, called “Riviera degli Ulivi” (Olive Riviera). The property has belonged to the Bonomelli Family since the 1950s;

In 1990 Paolo Bonomelli turns it into an Olive Farm, dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oils of Excellence.

Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm covers a total area of 16 hectares, of which 12 are dedicated exclusively to olive groves with nearly 5.000 olive trees.

Since ancient times, the morphological characteristics of the region and the nature of the soil of glacial origin, the particular environmental and microclimatic conditions related to the presence of the Lake favored throughout the area, the ideal conditions for the growth, cultivation and development of the olive trees.

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