Opg Turinela


Product Description

Turinela Premium Selection is an early harvest of a naturally balanced mix of Leccino, Istrian Bjelica, Pendolino, Buza and Maurino varietals in a single olive field, where the game starts will pollination. This most awarded Turinela line is characterized with a rich, slightly bitter aroma of herbs, green pepper and tomato leaf undertones. When paired with cottage cheese, smoked fish or red meat on grill, the taste is just… uniquely wonderful.




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About Opg Turinela:

OPG Turinela is located in small village Mali Turini in Istra, Croatia, near the Adriatic coastline. The grove is 250 m above sea level and situated on the 45th parallel, making it one of the northernmost olive-growing regions in the world. This is important for oil quality, which is very sensitive to hot summer temperatures. Our family estate is grounded on knowledge, dedication to quality without compromise and sharing food and joy with our friends and customers

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