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Our premium extra virgin olive oil from the family’s own groves, where many of the trees are centuries old, about 2000 years old, but fully productive. It is produced from koroneiki olives, with cold extraction. This is a Vassilakis Estate flagship product with exceptionally low acidity of 0,1% to 0,3%. The quality of the olive oil is ensured by the highest standards of storage and maintenance.




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About Vassilakis Emm.S.A. – Vassilakis Estate:

The Vassilakis family have been producing olive oil since 1865, and are today one of Crete’s top exporters.
The secret to the success of Vassilakis Estate is the accumulated experience of five generations and the commitment to sustainable cultivation practices. The modern olive mill has five international quality and food safety certifications. Vassilakis Estate collaborates with thousands small olive farmers, establishing long-standing relationships built on trust. The company exports to 26 countries.

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