Ziro Sitia

Ziro Organic Early Harvest

Product Description

Extra virgin olive oil ZIRO SITIAS is produced in limited amounts, with excellent organoleptic ingredients. Intensely fruity, with a slightly bitter and spicy taste and a smooth aftertaste of freshly cut grass and green bananas, it is ideal for salads, dressings, fresh fish, and potatoes.




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About Ziro Sitia:

Our olive groves are located within the boundaries of the UNESCO World Geopark of Sitia, where you can discover the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

In the mountainous areas of eastern Crete, in the village Ziros, Sitia the fruit of the olive tree is born and ripens, bathed in plenty of sunlight and full of the juices and flavors of the Cretan land.

It is an area of particular microclimate and protected designation of origin for its olive oil (PDO Sitia Lasithi Crete). There, after traditional cultivation and careful harvest of the olives with respect to the tree and the environment, the extra virgin olive oil ZIRO SITIAS is produced in a limited amount of very high quality and nutritional value.

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