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Inform the food community of your outstanding performance and award. Purchase our beautiful stickers and make your brand stand out from the noise.

Information for Stickers

Production Period: 10 working days

Pack of 1000 Stickers

Stickers Quality: We print on bright silver paper with gloss varnish

Stickers dimensions: 25mm

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# Stickers
(high resolution)
The promotional stickers in high resolution format can also be offered with a License option per award category.

The license option is available to the winners of the competition. With this alternative, the winners are granted the right to print the awarded badge with their own means under our graphical specifications. The license will be effective for two years since the date of the competition’s results announcement.

# Badges & marketing (web resolution) materials


Having successfully completed the evaluation process of the registered food products by our Olive Oil Legends, the awarded brands will be granted with Electronically Verified – Digital Certificate in Ultra High-Resolution Printable Format, by the Judging Panel of the Berlin GOOA 2021.
If you are interested to receive the hard copy version of the certificate, please click on the button below and follow the ordering steps.  

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