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The current owner, Manuel Heredia Halcón, Marquis of Prado, took over Suerte Alta in 1986, from his grandparents the Marquises of Bedmar who in 1924 started the olive grove plantation.

In 1996 the conversion of the farm to organic cultivation takes place under the supervision of the C.A.A.E (Andalusian Organic Farming Committee). At the same time the first irrigation system is implemented.

To date, Suerte Alta has 255 hectares of olive grove, of which 80% is a 100 year old olive grove. Suerte Alta produces an average annual output of 250.000 Kg of extra virgin olive oil.

In 2006 the new oil mill was erected, located at the heart of the farm and next to the farmhouse. Thus Suerte Alta rounds up the entire production cycle: from the tree, where the olives are harvested, to the bottle. This enables the production of a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil with four key caracteristics:

• In-house production
• Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• DOP Baena
• SiQEV – QvExtra seal

The quality of the EVOOs (Extra Virgin Olive Oils) of Suerte Alta is backed by some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. The contests in the olive growing scene do not stop happening, but there are prizes and prizes and earning a Gold Award at the Berlin GOOA is a pride to Cortijo de Suerte Alta. To this important award we must add that Cortijo de Suerte Alta has won in 2021 the Double Gold Medal at Athenas IOOC, the Top 100 Best Olive Oils of the World at EVOOLEUM and was finalist at Mario Solinas. Furthermore in 2020 it won the Premio Especial Alimentos de España granted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain, considered the most prestigious award in Spain.

Moreover, Suerte Alta has been recognised for its design at all levels. The mill was awarded with the AEMO award to the best mill in Spain in 2008. Designed by its owner, Manuel Heredia Halcón, architect. He has transformed the traditional idea of an oil mill paving the way to a modern bioclimatic building designed to minimise energy consumption and guarantee the conservation and stability of the oil in the cellar. This building is outstanding from an architectonic point of view. Camouflaged with its sorrounding by green walls of jasmin it hides an interior of stainless Steel walls, ceilings, staircase and deposits. But its not only the mill that is outstanding for its design. The bottles of Suerte Alta have been awarded twice in Italy for their design. A design that is base the same aureate proportions that the greeks used to create their buildings.

Olive groves in Melissi Village and in Dendro Village | Greece
Marquises of Bedmar

Cortijo de Suerte Alta S.L.

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C / Encarnación 4, Bajo Izqda.

28013 Madrid

Oil Press 

Cortijo de Suerte Alta SL,

14859 Albendín (Baena – Córdoba)


Cortijo de Suerte Alta S.L.

The awarded Product

Cortijo de Suerte Alta, Coupage Natural

This EVOO is produced with the olives from the oldest olive grove of the estate. Trees planted in the traditional manner with three varieties endemic of Baena: Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca. 

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Quality Organic Award

Berlin Olive Oil

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Cortijo de Suerte Alta SL, 14859 Albendín (Baena - Córdoba) Espania